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Zatuchnyy Dmitriy Aleksandrovich, candidate of technical sciences, professor, sub-department of calculable machines, complexes, systems and networks, Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (125993, 20 Kronshtadtskiy avenue, Moscow, Russia),

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The modernized method of estimation of authenticity of transferrable at an automatic dependent supervision information is offered on the basis of the obtained data about a betweenness by the parameters of reliability of elements of data’s link broadcasting. The index of quality of the use of additional information is entered. Efficiency of the use of this method is analysed for different cases. Drawn conclusion about that, in what situations the use of similar information gives advantage at the estimation of authenticity

Key words

automatic dependent supervision, authenticity of information, data’s link broadcasting, index of quality of the use additional information, volume of information, reliability of the element type

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